Fred Nelson

358976FE-2239-4FC1-AD63-A789C4A24E4DBorn in Burlingame, California. Elvis Presley ruled the airwaves with the great “Heartbreak Hotel” at #1. 7 years, 7 months later Ed Sullivan would sweep his left arm and bellow 5 words to the studio audience & 73 million TV viewers; “Ladies and gentlemen! The Beatles!’ Then these lyrics;
“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you
Tomorrow I’ll miss you
Remember I’ll always be true”
In that moment the single most significant event in Fred’s life occurred, a hopeless romantic was born. 12 years later Fred was told that he had to meet 2 guys, Tom Hockridge and Jeff Shea. They were playing together and also shared the same knowledge, The Beatles were, and would always be, the greatest rock n’ roll band in the history of music. Tom and Jeff’s duo became a trio…Jeff even knew where The Hopeless Romantics drummer was, 2,200 miles away in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Okay, they went and got him, Patty Mallon. There’s to much ground to cover in a short bio, the rest will be covered in the book.
The HR’s took a break beginning in the late 1970’s. Tom & Jeff reunited in 2013 and Fred found the boys in 2015. Fred met them, naturally, at a recording studio. Jeff was one of the owners. Fred had been a partner in recording studio 4 miles away in Mill Valley. They’d been headed to a recording studio in Miami when the car accident occurred that largely contributed to Fred’s taking a break from the band. It took awhile and few miles but guess what…

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